Does App Academy send a 1098-T / can I file a/A as an educational expense on my taxes?

Students are unable to claim the education tax deductions because App Academy is not yet accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

There is, however, a business expense deduction that can be taken by students who were already working in the field of computer programming:

It is important to note that the work-related education deduction (see IRS website) must be taken as a business deduction. This means that students will not be able to deduct the expenses from their personal income (W-2's) unless the education is required by their employer. Students can take the deduction as a business expense if they earn self-employment income (1099's, K-1's) and paid the education expenses in the same year. The payments are recorded on cash-basis, so students would only deduct the tuition that was paid in the recent tax year, not the entire tuition balance.


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