How does the Deferred tuition plan differ from an ISA?

The Deferred and ISA tuition plans for our Part-Time Program are very similar, but with a few exceptions. Under both tuition plans, students pay a $0 deposit to start the program and are only required to pay tuition after they’re hired and earning a salary of at least $50,000 per year. Both tuition plans also have the same maximum tuition of $36,000.


The main difference is that under the Deferred plan, students pay back a flat monthly tuition amount (depending on their annualized compensation) until they reach a total of $36,000. Students who enroll under the Deferred plan also have the option to consent to an "Alumni Engagement Agreement" (see FAQ question 'What is the Alumni Engagement Agreement' for more details), which allows them to receive a similar payment structure to the ISA.


Under the ISA, students pay back 15% of their monthly salary for three years up to a maximum of $36,000.


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