What are the steps in the admissions process?

1. A prospective student submits an application.


2. The candidate takes a 31-minute test that includes personality, logical reasoning, and

typing assessments.

If the candidate passes, they are invited to schedule a non-technical interview.


3. The candidate completes a 25-minute non-technical video interview.


4. Upon successful completion of the non-technical interview, the candidate is provided

an acceptance decision (i.e. a decision on whether a student has been accepted to App

Academy). Also, the candidate will be assigned some technical learning challenges to

complete for enrollment into a cohort. The technical learning challenges may take up

to 50 hours to complete depending on the skill level of the candidate.


5. Once the candidate successfully completes the technical learning challenges, the

candidate will then be placed into a cohort of their choice upon communication with

an admissions specialist.


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