What are the steps in the admissions process?

1. A prospective student submits an application. All students will be assigned an Admissions Specialist who will guide them through the process from start to finish! 


2. The candidate takes a 31-minute test that includes personality, logical reasoning, and typing assessments. There is no coding problems on it. Candidates have chances to pass the test. If they are asked to retake it, the test will be the same questions as the first one they received.


3. The candidate completes a 25-minute non-technical video interview with an App Academy alum who is currently in their job search. Candidates will have the opportunity to share any questions they have with their interviewer. Students have two chances to pass the non-technical interview. 


4. Upon successful completion of the non-technical interview, candidates will be notified if they passed or if a second non-technical interview is required. In the event a second non-technical interview is required, candidates will go over the feedback with their assigned Admissions Specialist. The questions in the second non-technical interview will be the same questions asked in the first non-technical interview. Most people who follow through with their second non-technical interview pass. 


5. Upon successfully completing and passing the non-technical interview, candidates will be provisionally accepted. At this step, candidates will need to complete technical prep work containing modules and 3 technical assessments (estimated at ~50 hours). Keep in mind the time it takes to complete these technical assessments is about 3-4 weeks but it can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, so start early! There will be multiple chances to pass the assessments, and the Admissions Specialist will go over the specifics.


6. Candidate will be invited to schedule a call to be accepted by their Admissions Specialist. During this call, candidates will need to select a payment plan and cohort date. The enrollment agreement (and payment if upfront plan is selected) is due 7 days from the date of acceptance.


7. Upon signing the enrollment agreement and submitting payment (if applicable), the candidate will be officially enrolled. The Admissions Specialist will then add some prep work to their App Academy Online platform, which they would do before the first day of class. 


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