What sets App Academy apart from other bootcamps?

The main concept that sets App Academy apart is that we invest ourselves fully in your success. If you select our deferred payment plan, you will not be charged any tuition for the course until you get a job as a developer.

This forces us to be extremely thoughtful at every step of the program, from the way we structure our admissions process, to the way we determine what to teach and how to teach it. Every piece is affected by our investment in you. Here is a quick breakdown:

Admissions: Because there is the option for no upfront cost tuition, we have a much wider applicant pool to select from, allowing us to accept students based on merit and not how much they can pay. This process is essential to the strength of our student body and makes it possible to teach more in-depth and at a faster pace than other programs.

Curriculum: Our #1 goal at App Academy is to provide you with the skills to get a job as a software developer. To achieve this, we are constantly evolving our curriculum to ensure that the skills you learn are the most relevant and valuable in the industry. Some of these topics have been determined over our 10 years of placing students, while others have evolved through conversations with top hiring partners such as Google, Uber, and others. We have a dedicated Curriculum team that is continuously making adjustments and works to keep our curriculum on the cutting edge. 

Job Search: Unlike other bootcamps, our deferred payment plan means that if you aren't earning at least $50,000 upon graduating from the program, the tuition for the course is free. Therefore, when you graduate, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to get you the best job offer possible. Regardless of tuition plan, we strive to help you find long term and meaningful job placement. To improve your candidacy we teach not only hard skills, but soft interviewing and interpersonal skills as well. We help with interview prep, salary negotiation, and provide you with our alumni network at the best companies in the world.


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