Bootcamp Prep vs Bootcamp Prep Online

App Academy has multiple options to prepare for our in-person bootcamp.  If you are brand new to coding and looking for a structured JavaScript preparation program and can pay an upfront cost - this is a GREAT chance to improve your likelihood of getting into App Academy.

Both Bootcamp Prep and Bootcamp Prep Online use the same curriculum. 

-Bootcamp Prep is a 4-week course taught in person from 6:30pm - 9pm at our New York or San Francisco Campuses.   

-Bootcamp Prep Online is self-paced curriculum which you should anticipate will take ~70 hours.

There are price differences between the options and also different supports provided.  

Both Bootcamp Prep and Bootcamp Prep Online options provide mock interviews which is great practice for the official technical interview you take in the admissions process.

For more information on Bootcamp Prep please schedule a call with an Admissions Specialist using this link:





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