How does Open work? What do I get?

App Academy Open is a free platform that will help you learn to code, via our comprehensive curriculum (including JavaScript and Python), and ultimately get hired as a Software Engineer. Creating an account on App Academy Open is 100% free. It's a no gimmicks program where you'll get access to the same full-stack curriculum that students in App Academy's full-time, online immersive course receive. That means over 500 hours of content from readings, to videos, to projects, and more.

The main difference between Open and our immersive programs is that it is completely self-directed and self-paced. There is no real-time assistance from App Academy staff on Open, but you will have the ability to submit a support ticket and/or question within the platform. There isn't another free resource online that will take you from coding beginner to hirable engineer in the same way as App Academy Open.


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