How does the bootcamp prep guarantee work?

App Academy will provide a full refund for the Student's App Academy bootcamp prep tuition if: (1) The applicant does not successfully get into at least 1 one of the 6 schools listed in our bootcamp guarantee (must provide written confirmation of this through rejection letters from each school). Take note that students are required to apply to all 6 schools within 2 months after the last day of their bootcamp prep class session as part of the bootcamp guarantee refund policy and (2) The student completed the course and complied with the terms and conditions listed in the bootcamp prep enrollment agreement. The 6 schools listed in our guarantee are:

(1) App Academy, (2) Hack Reactor, (3) Fullstack Academy, (4) Flatiron School, (3) Lambda School, and (4) Rithm School. 


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