How do you make sure that students show up if there is no tuition? Do you ask for a deposit?

Under our deferred payment plan, we ask for a refundable deposit. The deposit is refundable and helps ensure that students show up for class on time, stay on task, and follow our code of conduct* and job search agreement**. This deposit will be rolled into the full tuition amount if the graduate finds a web development job or will be returned 365 days after completion of the bootcamp if they have not found a web development job.

The deposit for our deferred tuition plan is currently $3,000 ($1,250 due immediately upon enrollment, and $1,750 due 3 weeks prior to the start of the course).

*In order to offer the deferred-tuition model, we do ask for a deposit upon enrollment to ensure that students attend the course as expected and live up to the Code of Conduct. The vast, vast majority of course participants have no trouble meeting this basic obligation, and their full deposit is either rolled into their ultimate tuition fee or returned to them. No student is ever dismissed without repeated conversations about their behavior and guidance on how to avoid dismissal.

**If a student puts in an honest effort to search for a job and does not get hired within a year after graduating, App Academy will not charge the student for course tuition. The deposit which was required at the beginning of the course will be refunded as well.



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