What does the average day look like?

Students are required to attend class from 9am-6pm Monday - Friday. Each morning starts off with a lecture/demo session from 9am-10am. After the morning lecture, the class is split up into pairs and each group will work through projects that we have designed. While students are working on the assigned project, instructors and TAs walk around the class answering questions, explaining concepts and provide help in anyway they can. Pair programming continues until 6pm and students have the evening to complete any unfinished projects, assigned reading and homework.

Throughout the course, students are assessed on concepts that were taught during the previous week. Students spend weekends studying for these assessments, as well as preparing for the next week’s topics.

App Academy is an immersive course, and students should expect to put in about 90 hours every week (or 13 hours a day Mon-Sun).


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