What is the best way to prepare for the admissions process?

The application process consists of multiple steps. We try to customize the process for every candidate, but be prepared for both non-technical and technical challenges.

The non-technical challenge will dive deeper into your background, understand your goals and motivations for attending a/A and answer any outstanding questions you may have about the program or admissions process. Please note our Admissions Counselors generally do not have technical backgrounds and will not be able to answer questions regarding the prep work.

For the technical challenges, we have our own prep work (Coding Test 1 Prep Work) that you can study. We also suggest practicing your programming language of choice via other websites like Codecademy if you still feel unprepared for our technical admissions steps— get ready to tackle the problems like a programmer!

If the practice problems for the coding challenge prove difficult, finding additional practice problems is generally the best solution for improving.

If you are looking for additional resources, some people report that Project Euler is a good way to become more familiar with Ruby or suggest studying with Codecademy. We also suggest looking at HackerRank.


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