What tuition plans are available for the in-person immersive course?

App Academy is dedicated to removing barriers to a quality education that helps our students get hired. As part of that commitment, we offer a variety of payment plans so that students can select the option that best works for them and their career goals. 

Under our deferred payment plan, we ask for a refundable deposit. This deposit will be rolled into the full tuition amount if the graduate finds a web development job or will be returned after fulfilling the requirements of the job search agreement if they have NOT found a web development/software engineering job.

We do ask for a deposit upon enrollment to ensure that students attend the course as expected and abide by the Code of Conduct. The vast majority of course participants have no trouble meeting this basic obligation, and their full deposit is either rolled into their total tuition fee or returned to them. No student is ever dismissed without repeated conversations about their behavior and guidance on how to avoid dismissal.


Deferred Plan: $3,000 deposit and zero tuition to start the program. Pay only after you're hired. Upon job placement, an additional $25,000 is due in monthly installments over 9-13 months depending on compensation. This plan is available to U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders. 

Upfront: $17,000 due upon enrollment. This plan is available to all students, regardless of geography or citizenship.

Hybrid: $9,000 initial upfront payment upon enrollment and an additional $14,000 due only once you're hired. If you are not placed, you will not be required to pay the additional $14,000. This plan is available to U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders.


Upfront Plus Living Stipend with Climb:
You may be eligible for up to $8,500 in living expenses with the standard Climb loan. The best way to find out exactly how much you’re eligible for is to go through the Climb application to see your pre-approval offer. Just applying doesn’t require any commitment, and it doesn’t affect your credit score until after you accept a loan and start class. So you can apply multiple times with multiple co-borrowers to see your best offer.
More about Climb:
Climb Credit works separately from App Academy but they provide a unique service that allows students to make manageable monthly payments over a few years. Climb works with students from all kinds of credit backgrounds, including people without any credit to their name. If your application is approved and you decide to accept a loan with Climb, you can make smaller or even no payments while you’re in school so you can focus on your bootcamp, not your loan.

Additionally, we have a Deposit Assistance Program (DAP) that allows the 16-week course to be more accessible to communities historically underrepresented in tech by lowering deposit costs for the Full Time program. To check out more information about our DAP or to apply, please click here.




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