Can I take the course in SF and find a job in NYC? Or vice-versa?

Graduates from App Academy may search for jobs in cities where App Academy is located, but we strongly recommend that you look for a job in the same location that you took the course. We’ve found that it’s much easier for our students to conduct their job search along with their cohort. They can work on projects and practice whiteboarding problems together as well as introduce each other to companies where they’re interviewing. They are also able to meet with their career coach in person.

We encourage our prospective students to consider their long-term housing options before picking their a/A city. One of the most important things to consider when choosing between San Francisco and New York City is whether you may have housing available during your job search period (such as with a friend or family member) so as to conserve funds and enable a job search that isn’t hastened by financial constraints.



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