Do you take international students?

We welcome all foreign applicants; we have taken students from abroad in the past; but unfortunately the immigration laws in the United States create some uncertainty about whether an applicant will be allowed to work in the country, even if they leave our program well-trained and fully qualified. Due to these constraints, we provide our international students the opportunity to attend App Academy under our Upfront Payment option: $17,000 upfront ($5,000 upfront, $12,000 due 3 weeks before the start of the course)

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist international students in acquiring student visas.

If you already possess a green card or have specialty visa status (e.g E-3 Visa) you would be eligible for our deferred tuition payment model. We do not accept F-1, OTP, H-1B. If you do not have a green card, but believe you have a visa that allows you to work indefinitely in the United States, please let us know and we will be happy to follow up.

Regardless of status, international students receive the same job search support as our non-international students. Please see our curriculum for details on each week:


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    What is the upfront tuition for international students?

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