What help do you provide for students as they conduct their job search?

At the end of the program, we help you find a position as an entry-level Rails developer. Over twelve weeks, you'll have built a significant portfolio of code showing what you're capable of. Check out our Quora post for a partial list of companies our graduates have gone on to work at. The demand for Rails and React/Flux engineers in Silicon Valley is significant, and the average base salary stands at about $130k.

The job search curriculum starts Week 10 of the course. We do many things to help you find a developer job, including:

  • Helping you write and polish your portfolio/Github/LinkedIn/resume
  • Lectures in Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Guiding you through our whiteboard problem curriculum consisting of problems similar to those students receive in interviews
  • Giving you our lists of thousands of SF/NYC tech companies that we recommend you apply to, and our alumni contacts there
  • Lectures on interviewing and negotiation

View our full job search curriculum here.


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