How does pair programming work at App Academy? What do people struggle on?

For the first 7 weeks, the majority of the work at App Academy is done in pairs. Students are assigned new pairs each day; on occasion you will be tasked with a two-day project with the same pair.

The pairing station is one desk with one computer, one keyboard and mouse and two chairs and two monitors. Pair programming is all about communication between students: the navigator develops a high-level plan for solving the problem, which they communicate to the driver, who executes the plan and solves the details. Students will have the opportunity to master both the “driver” and “navigator” role by regularly switching between the two throughout the day.

We have a strong focus on pairing for a few reasons: 1) Pairing is much more productive than working solo as you have much less distractions such as checking Facebook, Gmail, etc. 2) Pairing is more engaging and builds teamwork skills because it is a social activity 3) Pairing promotes the diffusion of knowledge throughout the classroom as you have a chance to learn new tips/tricks with every new pair.


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