How does the Part-Time Coding Bootcamp work? What do I get?

Our Part-Time Coding Bootcamp is a live-online, immersive bootcamp. 

It includes guided lecture, live pair programming, white-boarding, career and job placement services, and more. The program is 48 weeks long to make sure you have enough time to learn the material and be job-ready. 


Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Be able to write, organize, and maintain source code
  • Learn efficient ways to store and search for data and understand the way computers
  • communicate with one another across the Internet.
  • Be able to create a responsive Web page for an application.
  • Be able to persist and manipulate data for a Web application.
  • Learn how to polish a code portfolio.
  • Be able to build a Web application with enhanced user experience and real-time
  • communication channels to the data and other users.
  • Learn how to polish a resume, personal pitch, and online presence.
  • Be able to create a full-stack Web application.

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