Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, we do offer scholarships. Currently our main scholarship being offered is the Facebook (Meta) Access Scholarship: This scholarship is only available to San Jose residents. In February, we offer the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship for queer women and non-binary techies. You can read more about that here


Lastly, we do offer an Inspiration Scholarship. This scholarship provides students with $1,000 off of their total tuition. In order to be eligible, an alumni would need to refer the prospective student. Our scholarship committee would then review the application and determine if the student is a finalist. For a prospective student to progress from the finalist stage to recipient stage, they are required to complete and pass the admissions process. This scholarship is available for all of our immersive programs. For more details, please reach out to Mary La Grange, our Marketing Specialist ( 


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