What’s the difference between Bootcamp Prep and JumpStart?


Due to COVID-19 we currently are offering a JumpStart Discord contact your Admissions Specialist for more information.


PurposeJumpStart is specifically for applicants of App Academy and focuses on getting you into an upcoming App Academy cohort, while Bootcamp Prep is a program designed to prepare students to get accepted into any top bootcamp.

PacingJumpStart is fast-paced and offers less individual attention than you will receive in Bootcamp Prep. JumpStart lasts for only 2 weeks, while Bootcamp Prep is (at minimum) a 4-week course.

ContentJumpStart teaches Ruby and Bootcamp Prep teaches JavaScript. With JumpStart focusing on admitting applicants to App Academy, Ruby is a useful language to learn (as we teach Ruby for the first half of our Full-Time course before switching to JavaScript). Most other top bootcamps focus solely on Javascript, so Bootcamp Prep is centered around this. You can pass the coding tests and technical interview for App Academy in Ruby, JavaScript, or Python, however.

GuaranteesJumpStart offers no guarantees of admittance to any program, but Bootcamp Prep guarantees your acceptance to a top coding bootcamp (or your money back!)


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